Can some folks run & post actual drive performance benchmarks for Drives (fast ones) connected via "Travel USB 3.x GLiNet Routers" Vs direct USB 3.x connects? Trying to Gauge price vs performance benefit

If you want to connect USB storage devices to the router and use, just try AXT1800, MT300 or MT2500.

Other devices’ cpu does not handle fast speed for storage devices.


Speeds are not the best. You don’t run something on there for performance but for convenience. For example with the MicroSD card (a fast one!) I’m only able to achieve around 45MB/s over SMB. Still, it works, and it’s very convenient. I have seen similar speeds with both SATA and NVMe drives connected in enclosure to the ports. AXT1800 used for reference, obviously a slower unit won’t reach as fast.

Def for the convenience, but the limits of performance would also be keen to know. Thanks for sharing.

I’ll circle back for more insights.