Can somebody write MAC (and BSSID) randomiser script for me?


Can somebody write MAC (and BSSID) randomiser script for me?

I am total noob in programming, I only know how to use SSH.

I need script that will randomise my MAC each reboot. Not necessary to be GUI one. Just script to put into init.d will be enough.

I want to change only MAC (and BSSID) on all visible interfaces, not IMEI, nor other information.

I will be extremely pleased if someone will help me with this.

My device E750(v2)


step 0: install macchanger

This will change your mac address (while keeping the GL.iNet vendor prefix “00:60:2F”):

mac=$(hexdump -n3 -e’/3 “00:60:2F” 3/1 “:%02X”’ /dev/random)
ip link set dev apclix0 down
macchanger --mac=“$mac” apclix0
ip link set dev apclix0 up

Hope this helps.

Why should I keep prefix? It can potentially cause attacker to know my platform to perform targeted attack. As it is travel router it can be tracked or attacked by bad actors using MAC.

Where should I put this script?

Found this one (link) (uploaded to Proton Drive)

Found here

Needs to be tested by somebody. As I see it should be just run anywhere.

I will NOT recommend to use anything until someone from support or community will confirm that this works or no

Can anyone test please? (Do only if you know what you are doing)

I doubt that this will work. Seems to be designed for client systems instead of routers.

Do you have any working one?

No, sorry. Maybe I will write some script in future, but can’t promise so far.

No worries. I will wait :slight_smile:
Maybe somebody have)

P.S: How many times can MAC be changed? Isn’t this wearing off some chip?

The MAC address is not written back to the chip mostly, it’s only a variable inside the OS.

Found this one on soma chat

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common


logit() {
    echo "$@" | tee -a /var/log/mac_change.log
    logger -t mac_change "$@"

generate_random_mac() {
    printf "02:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x" \
        $((RANDOM % 256)) \
        $((RANDOM % 256)) \
        $((RANDOM % 256)) \
        $((RANDOM % 256)) \
        $((RANDOM % 256))

change_mac_address() {
    local iface=$1
    local mac=$(generate_random_mac)
    if ifconfig | grep -q "$iface"; then
        logit "Changing MAC address of $iface to $mac"
        ifconfig "$iface" down
        ifconfig "$iface" hw ether "$mac"
        ifconfig "$iface" up
        logit "Interface $iface does not exist."

start() {
    logit "Starting MAC address changer..."
    interfaces=$(ls /sys/class/net)
    for iface in $interfaces; do
        change_mac_address "$iface"
    logit "MAC addresses changed successfully."

stop() {
    logit "Stopping MAC address changer..."

Or this?

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common


start() {
    config_load networking
    config_foreach change_mac_interface setup_interface

setup_interface() {
    local interface="$1"
    if [ "$interface"!= "lo" ]; then
        macchanger -r "$interface"

Maybe this will help?

Hope this will help

Look here too: