Can sometimes not find Wifi GL-AR300M

Hallo together,
I am using an GL.iNet GL-AR300M and I really like it.
But I have sometimes a problem to find the WiFi of the hotspot from my Ulefone Armor3W Phone.
Sometimes the connection works without any problem, 1 day later I can sometimes find all WiFi-Nets except that from my phone but if I take a look on other devices so I can see the Wifi-Net and I also can connect to it, so I think the problem should be on the router.
By trying other phones, I have not seen this problem until now. So is there maybe some ungood combination? And if yes, so how can I solve it?

I have this problems since a few weeks and I try a lot to solve this problem, but nothing helps:-(
Now I also try to update the firmware on the router to version 3.201, but this also do not help:-(((

Can please somebody help me, because I often work outdoor and need this hotspot for the connection.

I will be very happy for all help
Best regards

Have you tried changing WiFi channel and encryption?

Hey, thanks very much for your message.
Do you think about an channel change on my smartphone?
I have try to change the settings between 2,4 and 5 GHz, also I have try to reset the OOB on my phone often but it doesn’t help. Also I think the problem is more on the router, because I can connect my laptop and other devises to the net, also when it is not visible on the router.
But if there are an other channel which I can try on my phone so we can test it.
In this case it will be great if you can tell me how this is possible because I have never seen this option (my phone runs on Android 9).

I will be very happy to hear again from you.
best regards

I mean change wifi channel settings on the router as the following.

Thanks very much for your answer.
I have checkt your link now.
If I see it right, than belongs these settings only to the wireless area.
So I think this is only the channel on which my gl-inet router share his network.
But these network is no problem.

The Problem ist to connect the gl-inet router in the area internet with a network (the wifi-hotspot form my phone) because only the router can’t see these network sometimes.
Do you have maybe also an idea what’s the problem here?

Best regards

For phone’s hotspot, it can be 2.4G or 5G. If it is on 5G, the mini router cannot find it.

So you have to force the phone to share WiFi using 2.4G. Seems only some Android phone has this option not all.

this is also what I know.
But my router can sometimes also not find my wifi hotspot if there is on 2,4GHz:-(
Is there maybe one more point which can help me?

When it is on 2.4G, can you find out the channel? If using 12-14, the router may not find it.

Oh this is good to know, but I don’t know how I can see/change this channel on my android phone. Do you maybe have an Idea how this is possilbe?

I have now find a way to see the wifi-channel. The phone use ch 13, so this is maybe the problem.
Is there a possibility to bring the router to work also with this channel?
I found this: GL-MT300N-V2 unable to be repeater for wifi network channel 13 but I don’t know how “You can ssh to the router and change the wifi settings” works.
Can you please help me again?

Best regards

Check ssh and scp from SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs