Can Spitz priorities Internet connections for speed?

My Spitz is connected to ATT with a SIM card AND as a WIFI repeater. The WIFI has much higher speeds in the present location, but the Spitz seems to try and use the ATT connection instead.

Is there a way to configure the Spitz to choose the highest speed when connected to these two sources?

It priorities connections like this

Cable > Repeater > Tethering > Modem

It detects if one connection is available using ping. So in your case, can you check if you can ping using the repeater interface

ping -I wlan-sta 

If it can, the data should go via the repeater first.

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I don’t have an X750 Spitz. I tested with AR750 Creta and AR750S Slate some time ago configuring 2 WANs.

You can install luci-app-mwan3 and set the two interfaces to 50% each or 75% one and 25% the other. Find out how to configure mwan3 on Youtube. There are easy to understand tutorials.

I’m not sure it will work, but you can give it a try.
Anyone can advise better than me.

mwan3 with metrics and weigths to give more or less priority to interface in Luci
Luci>Network>Load Balancing>Members

To see your priority interface
Luci>Status>Load Balancing>Detail