Can’t access admin page from home WiFi

I plugged my home network into my Beryl’s WAN port. I used my router’s reserved feature so the Beryl always gets the same IP. I can in fact ping it from a device on my home network, but I can’t browse to the IP address.

If i connect to the Beryl’s WiFi, then I can browse to that IP address or and I’ll get the admin login page. What’s blocking this and how do I unblock it?

To gain access to the admin page from the WAN side, you have to add a port forwarding rule for TCP Port 80 from WAN to LAN IP address You have to connect to the Beryl’s wifi, then go to Admin Panel → Firewall → Port Forwards. Use the WAN IP address to access the admin page, which then gets forwarded to the LAN IP address.

You may consider adding port forwarding for TCP Port 22 also, which will allow you to SSH and WinSCP into the router.

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You need to open port 80 and 22 on the wan side.