Can’t connect client to server

Hey guys - I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. I have two beryl routers - one has been configured as a Wireguard server. The other is the one l’m trying to use as the client but it just won’t connect to the server (yellow status instead of green). I’m wondering if this has to do with a port forwarding issue.

I set up port forwarding on the router from my ISP - it asked me for the IP associated with the device on the network (I assume this is the wireguard server IP). Can someone confirm this? Here’s a screenshot with the relevant information:

FWIW I followed all the steps outlined in this video:

Can someone please let me know if I missed a step or if I configured something incorrectly? Really appreciate the help.

The port forward part is not correct.

The IP should be the WAN IP on MT1300, not

How do I find the WAN IP on the MT1300?

The IP address you should forward to is the one shown first in the video (the internet page).

But make sure you have a public IP address first (check this on your main, internet facing, router).

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So I see 2 IP addresses on the internet page. One under “Cable” (I have the MT1300 plugged in directly to the main router with an ethernet cable). And then another IP under the name of my wireless connection at home. Which is the IP I need to use for port forwarding?

I’ve attached a screenshot below:

Use Cable. The Ethernet cable should be connected to the WAN port of the MT-1300.

Make sure the IP address (under Cable) never changes otherwise your port forward won’t work. Either make it Static and assign an address outside your network’s DHCP range or make it fixed (reserve the address in your DHCP settings on the main router).