Can’t connect to routers from goodcloud

@Leo it is working fine again after a couple of hours. Thanks

Ciao, non riesco a vedere in goodcloud alcuni dei miei router, da cosa potrebbe dipendere. Grazie

Is stop working again now i get the message:

  • device response timeout

issue has begun happening again all firmware versions effected

timeout of 30000ms exceeded

Any update on this issue? I haven’t been able to log into my AR300M for days now. In fact, it shows one device as online although it has been down for days now.

We are experiencing issues connecting to all of our devices from goodcloud right now aswell. We manage a lot of routers through goodcloud and since around 19:30 UTC they are not reachable.
some details:

  • eu goodcloud
  • routers are reachable from local network via ssh
  • routers are reachable via alternative vpn via ssh
  • routers are not reachable via goodcloud, no admin page, no ssh

We cannot connect to any device via goodcloud again right now (29.11.2023 20:30 UTC)

It has been working throughout the day though.