Can’t set up S2S with goodcloud

Hi all

I’ve got a flint router and a shadow router which are both set up with GLDNS and are registered and online in goodcloud. When I try and make a site to site it says it cannot find a main node. How can I get this to work?

I’m able to manually make a site to site if I set up a wireguard server and client.

Did you open the port as hint in the GoodCloud UI?

Are the ports needed to be open first?

I thought the set up would handle anything like that. I couldn’t find any documentation that states ports need opening first.

Do both routers need to have these ports open?

Where does one configure the s2s port?

This port will be opened automatically when S2S is configured.
If your router does not have an Internet IP, or if you have manually configured other firewall rules, you will need to ensure that this port is open.

No. Only main router need it.

When you select the S2S device on goodcloud, you can see the “Advanced” button at the bottom of the dialog.


For whatever reason I had changed the DNS on my WAN (custom DNS server) after I was setting up adguard. I don’t think I was meant to. But, after removing this entry the S2S works fine now