Can’t use surfshark openvpn on Beryl AX

Can’t use surfshark openvpn on Beryl AX. Looks like something is wrong with the username/password settings for the ovpn profile?

Are you using 4.2.0 firmware? We discovered the problem and are fixing it.

Yes, the problem resists.

Another thing is that, if let’s say one is using repeater and connecting to a vpn, the originating wifi restarts, can the router reconnects to it and restart vpn automatically?

It is supposed to reconnect both repeater and vpn.

The latest 4.2.1 beta has fixed this issue, which you can download and test.

That’s the problem, they don’t reconnect. I gave it like 20 minutes and nothing happened — the device is still offline. So I literally had to go to my device location, connect to it locally and reboot it…