Can we have teamview config of Luci?

Hello Gli, I think Luci / LEDE config is more reliable and stable than loading ovpns on the vpn platform, can we have a very basic step by step configuration of Luci? I used a router with vpn configured on Luci and it was very very fantastic. it connects automatically and was blazingly fast, all you have to do is to plug and straight your get your vpn service if you subscribe to that

Also i will suggest you develop a flush firmware to have all vpn services in it and we buy the software to flush the router and get all vpn providers automatically configured. Take a look at they develop their own flash firmware which they use to flash original firmware to provide direct vpn connections.

I don’t think you can expect GL to spoon feed you, especially when their products are at such a competitive price (have you seen the exorbitant price of the company you mention?) - yes, you can DIY under LUCI but you need a bit of patience and skill. Most VPN providers have there own walk-through which almost anybody can do (except the well-known “me me me” forum member who struggles even to tie his own shoelaces!).

I have used both the GL interface and LUCI and I much prefer the GL method and flexibility.