Can we reduce Wi-Fi power/range of GL-MT6000


I own a GL-MT6000. This may sound weird but is there a way to reduce the Wi-Fi power/range? Specifically the 2.4GHz band. There is two reasons for this.
First, I don't want my signal to reach far as I live in a crowded area, i.e. risque of attacks.
And second, my Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset (2.4GHz according to the manual) is cutting audio from time to time (5 to 15s of gobbled sound each time). This started happening after installing the router in my room. This may not be the reason, but I am just trying everything I can.

Thanks and have a nice day.

You can easily change the transmit power using the GUI:

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You will also want to change the wifi 2.4 to 20 instead of 20/40 for the width.

2.4ghz also gets a lot of interference by usb3. If you have any usb3 devices nearby it could also cause this issue.

I must be blind, the option was litteraly on the first row.
It's like when you search for your keys and don't find them :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot admon.

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What do you mean by USB3? I don't get it, USB is a wired connection.
Are you talking about not using wireless devices on USB3 ports?

If you have bad isolated cables and devices connected to your router by USB (3), it might cause interference.
But this highly depends on devices, cables and luck. So nothing to worry about if you don't have issues.

I only have a Crucial SSD connected, I use it as backup for my PC.

Is it possible to do it automatically overnight?

Totally. See: Scheduled Tasks - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Great! I dint see that menu, thank you