Can Zerotier on gl-inet routers support layer 2 ethernet bridging?

Hi. I’m thinking of purchasing a gl-inet router (something like Brume 2) to set up Zerotier on my network. It appears that Zerotier can be configured to support layer 2 ethernet bridging (where broadcast traffic gets transmitted over the VPN, and things like DNLA servers work as they do on a local LAN).

Does the gl-inet VPN UI support setting up bridging on the router end?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

We don’t have a Layer 2 connection for zerotier.

Thanks for the prompt answer. I’m a little fuzzy about

Hi, is Layer 2 for ZeroTier not possible with the Brume 2 or is it simply not exposed in the User Interface?

Hi, is the layer 2 support a future feature ? or maybe already in 2024 ?