Cannot access

I just bought the AR300M router to use as an access point and am having problems:

  1. powered it on, wireless signal showed up on my desktop and laptop computers fine, but when I tried to browse to either or received a “site can’t be reached” message.

  2. brought out my iPad and iPhone, connected to the wireless signal and browsed to same IP address and fine, connected no problem.

BUT… I could not find the Network settings function to establish the router as a simple Access Point.

So, in the hope that the desktop web UI would include the Network settings function I held the reset button down for 10 seconds to reset the router.

Result? Now I can’t connect to it with anything… all devices just show at “site can’t be reached” message.

??? Is it time to send this back or can this router be configured as an Access Point?

Thank you.

How about the LED status after power on for 1 minute?

First problem is a browser cache problem.
Second problem can be fixed by following the unbricking guide.