Cannot Access Admin Page for new BerylMT3000

Hello – I recently got the Beryl MT3000 & I can connect to wifi by connecting the ethernet cord to my apartment’s Wifi router and to the Beryl MT3000 LAN port. However, I cannot login to the Admin Page via the IP address and Im not sure what Im doing wrong. I’d like to be able to log in and change the router password etc. Thanks so much for any help!

May be try clearing your browser’s cache or try a different browser. Failing that try and reset the Beryl or connect it to directly your laptop via an ethernet cable rather than WiFi and see whether that works.

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It doesn’t work like that. You need to connect the beryl WAN port to your apartments wifi router.

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To start don’t even plug your Beryl into anything just power it up. Then you need to connect to a LAN port on the Beryl, or to the Beryl’s default WiFi which will be indicated on the bottom of your Beryl.

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HI,there are 2 solutions.

  1. If you want to connect Beryl MT3000 LAN Port,You should unplug the cable,then connect the wifi,Now you can login to the Admin Page via the IP address,after that you can change password.
  2. you can change the cable to the Beryl MT3000 WAN port.
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Follow this guide and video:

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thank you so much! Apologies I dont have much technical knowledge, but was able to get to Admin Page by unplugging the cable. But if I’m trying to get to the Admin Page in the future while connected to wifi, how do I do that? It seems wifi will only connect for me thru the LAN port, not WAN - how do I set that up?

With apologies, this doesn’t make sense to me. But neither do the OP’s questions

Hi,there are 2 ways to connet Berly to the primary wifi router with a cable.

  1. LAN to LAN,as the OP’s operation,you should disable Berly’s DHCP Servers(Avoiding DHCP Server conflicts which can be disabled in luci web panel) and change the LAN IP(default to the subnet of the primary wifi router(eg:,you can set Berly LAN IP to,then you can login Berly admin panel with the new IP
  2. LAN to WAN,connect the lan port of the primary wifi router to Berly’s WAN port. Nothing needs to set. But there will be two subnet, primary wifi router(eg:,Berly (
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Never tried LAN to LAN but you can do LAN to WAN and put the Beryl into Access Point mode (rather than its default repeater mode) in which case both your source router and Beryl will be on the same subnet, the Beryl taking its address from the DHCP on your primary router.

@berylonce what exactly are you trying to achieve with your Beryl? This would help with the advice you get here.

You advice is better ! You can see the ip address of the Berly in the primary wifi Router WEB admin panel clients list after set Berly to AP Mode.You can login the Berly with this new obtained ip address.

Depending on your (other, non glinet) router, you can set a static route to access the addresses via the assigned ip address of the glinet device. I’m assuming your usual LAN is

Then you can have the glinet device in the usual mode, and plug its WAN into your existing LAN.