Cannot access Admin Panel for GL-AR750

Yesterday when I first logged into the router wifi, it connected no problem and I was able to see the admin portal that gives the options for WAN/LAN, tethering, repeater etc. Then, I lost internet connection and that Admin Panel page disappeared as a result. I am not an IT person so please bear with me… When I reconnected to the router, it worked great as an internet source on all 3 of my devices, but now I cannot access the Admin Panel. I need to get into it to add my VPN info. Can someone help explain why I’m unable to access JUST the router IP address but can use it as internet for other websites?

I used both Firefox and Chrome
I used Incognito windows and cleared my cache
Even my phone is connected to it and I’m in airplane mode so I know that the wifi is working because I’m using it no problem in this mode.

Why would the IP address ( not work/error out every time?


try accessing the unit using

You are a lifesaver!!! Thank you!!!