Cannot access clients on remote network (S2S)


I’ve had this issue before but cannot figure it out.

I’ve got Flint at home and Shadow at work and a S2S set up.

Flint -
Shadow -

I am unable to ping any device on the Flint network other than the router, but i’m able to the other way.

Flint shows that my subnet is in the allowed IPs.


So i’ve been banging my head with this all day.

I changed the “LAN IP” on both routers from their x.x.x.1 address to x.x.x.0 and I can now access clients.

I change them back to x.x.x.1 and it still works.

So how come this happened?

The wireguard tunnel may corrupt in the s2s network and you trigger a restart by changing the IP address.

That’s strange. But that could happen when a device in the public network has private IP addresses (say