Cannot access device admin panel through GoodCloud

I have a Brume operating as a Wireguard Server and a Beryl operating as a Wireguard Client. I can access the Beryl/client locally at I have verified that the client is connected to the server through WG by the green dot and WG icon. I am able to access the internet through this wireguard connection.

The issue is I am unable to access the admin panel of the Brume WG Server through GoodCloud. The Brume is connected via ethernet to the gateway but GoodCloud says it is Disconnected. When I try to access the admin panel for the Brume via GoodCloud, I get the error “This page can’t be found”. If I access the Beryl/WG client locally and disconnect from WG, the Brume/WG server no longer shows as online in GoodCloud.

Please advise how to access the admin panel via GoodCloud. I am geographically seperated from the Brume server so a wired connection isn’t possible.

Thank you!

Access the brume locally and change VPN policies.

I cannot access the Brume/Server locally. I can access the Beryl/Client locally and disable the WG client but that doesn’t help me access the Brume admin panel from GoodCloud.

Prior to today, I’ve been able to access the Brume/Server via GoodCloud regardless of if the WG Server was running or not or if a WG Client was connected or not.

Any other ideas?

Can you check logs with SSH?

logread -e mqtt

If the log is too small, you can modify the log level by /etc/config/glmqtt:

config server 'config'
    option log '6'


config server 'config'
    option log '7'