Cannot access Remote Web Acces from Web Admin Page

We have multiple routers we have setup and configured in the Web Admin portal and out of 28 they all work except for 1.

When trying to launch the Remote Access Web Page, we get a time out error and a strange url as opposed to all the other Routers we have configured.
I went through the articles I could find and we have Cell Service, we can hardwire and connect to it using, and we have Remote Access and Remote SSH and GoodCloud apps enabled. For some reason this specific router is not allowing us to Remote SSH or Remote Web into it.

Any help would be appreciated

Whats the model and firmware it using?
Are you using a VPN? Is block non-VPN services enabled? Services from GL.iNet use VPN enabled?

It can sometimes take as many as 3 or more attempts to connect.

GoodCloud does have a bug that won’t let you unbind and rebind devices that is being looked into.

Thank you for your reply,

We are using the CSG m106 Router with Verizon 5G Service Sim Card.
We aren’t using VPNs. and for the “Block non-VPN services” where can I find that toggle?

Are these the settings I should look at?

You could share your device to us, my username of GoodCloud is yongping

And you could pm your mac of device to me if you didn’t have this feature.

We will check if for you.

Sorry I am new to these forums, can you share with me how I go about PMing some one?

Thank you

If you click on the persons Icon next to the name it will pop up and click the Blue Message button

Thanks, I spent some time reading articles and browsing to increase my member level. Now I can see that feature you mentioned.

I will PM my MAC to clannad

I appreciate you!

It’s an issue of DDNS and had been fixed, please try it again on GoodCloud.

The issue is resolved! We are able to launch the Remote Admin portal from the Good Cloud and everything is working now.

I appreciate the help