Cannot Access Router Login

I have recently purchased the Mango Mini Smart Router and am looking to set it up however I cannot reach the in my browser, the error message I get it just “This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond”.

The confusing part is that all other websites loads so quickly so I don’t know why the set up page won’t. I am connected to the Mini Router’s internet so that can’t be the issue.

If it helps my ISP is BT.

Which browser do you use?We recommend using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox,and recommended to clear the cache.
Please make sure is right.
If you open vpn,close it and try again.

I am using Chrome, have cleared the cache, also reset my IP, flushed the DNS and still the IP address doesn’t work

What IP has the router assigned to you.

IP on the routers sticker is

No, I was asking what IP the router has assigned to the PC/laptop where you are trying to access the UI from.

How come you need that IP address?

To ensure that the router has correctly assigned the IP.
The PC/laptop/tablet/etc used to access the UI has to be on the (W)LAN side of the router, with an IP assigned by the router.

So I know the IP of my PC now (unsure whether I should disclose this as it’s private information) and I know the IP my router is on, how will I know if these match up?

If it’s not 192.168.8.x then the PC is not on the (W)LAN side of the router and so cannot access the UI.

Its not, my PC’s IP is 86.138.10%.1%3 (I have obscured two digits)

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So you are not on the (W)LAN side of the router, hence no route to connect.
Connect a device to the (W)LAN side, either wireless or via the LAN port on the router and try from that device.

I’m new to this you’ll have to walk me through? I have a Ethernet cable running from my BT Hub into the mini travel router’s LAN port (is this correct). I have then connected my computer to the routers internet wirelessly. How should I proceed to getting a device on the (W)LAN side?

No, it’s the WAN port that the router talks to the internet.

To the “GL-MT300N-V2-???” SSID, then it should have a 192.168.8.x IP address. Unless you also have an ethernet connection to the BT hub, in which case disconnect it. Your PC should only have a connection to the router.

The sequence should be:

internet <—> BT Hub <—> Router <—> PC


I’ll attempt this after work tomorrow morning but from what I gather you want me to swap the Ethernet cable going from my LAN port on the BT Hub to my mini router from LAN to WAN and then find my computers IP address again to hopefully see that this matches.

For reference also I’m finding the computers IP by visiting if this changes anything.

That will always give the external IP assigned to the BT Hub, noot any of the computers/routers behind it.


So how do I find the correct IP to see if it matches the one on my third party router?

well, if you are trying to connect from your phone, turn off your phone’s data

I have the same problem, the page will not load no matter what I do?