Cannot connect client to server

Ive been trying desperately for days to setup a wireguard server/client using beryl routers. I believe the wireguard server is functioning properly. I downloaded the wireguard app on my phone and used the hotspot to connect to server, my ip shows my home ip and not verizons ip for the hotspot.

My issue is the client beryl will not connect to the vpn. Anything routed through the client uses the ip and network its plugged into. Additionally, I have the internet kill switch on. If traffic cannot be routed through the vpn shouldnt all connections be killed?

Ive tried everything, this is not my wheelhouse sadly. Forgive me if Im missing something small or basic.

Xfininity residential with dynamic ip. I enabled DDNS in the gui and pasted the new address into the clients settings. Set up port forwarding using Comcasts app.

Thanks in Advance!

What’s your firmware version?
Could you paste the wireguard conf file with keys&IP removed?
I guess the conf file is not parsed correctly.



Please try to change a listen port

Can you show the relationship to the 2 Beryl’s in conjunction with any routers/internet/etc as you show a Beryl with a port forward, which shouldn’t be needed.

Despite the client showing the green checkmark stating its connected to vpn when I connect using the client im showing the wrong ip address and location. Also, shouldnt the internet kill switch prevent this from happening? Do I have to configure the kill switch beyond clicking the toggle on the client and pressing apply?

Beryl with the forward is the host on my home network. It is plugged in via ethernet to my Comcast Xfinity gateway.

Then there should be no need for a forward rule. Where were you forwarding it to, if the Beryl is running Wireguard.

Is this the Client or the Server. Your topology is very difficult to follow from the posts, hence asking for an end-to-end network diagram showing all Beryl’s and routers, etc.

I am setting up both a client and a server. The server is at home connected to my xfinity gateway via ethernet. I read somewhere I had to port forward from the gateway to the server beryl which is what I did.

I apologize if im not describing accurately, as stated in the original post I know very little about computing and networking. This is the extent of my knowlege from two days on reddit.

I figured the host/server was functioning just fine regardless of the forward due to the fact I can connect via the wireguard app on my phone. I just cannot get the client travel router to connect appropriately from my travel locations.

Two beryl travel routers, one at home connected to isp provided gateway. Second I take with me that im having issues with.

From travel locations, does the wireguard app on your phone work?

You have configured the Xfinity gateway port forward from outer port 51820 to inner port 51820?
You can try changing this port number in the configuration file accordingly.