Cannot connect to VPN through WireGuard

I could connect to and was using the WireGuard VPN Client for a few hours (GL-B1300, Convexa-B) until just half an hour ago that it stopped working and cannot now connect to any of the profiles I created earlier.

It just stays at the red Abort button. Doesn’t show any log, etc.

My VPN is KeepSolid VPN Unlimited.

Any idea why that might have happened? I tried rebooting the router, deleting and creating a new profile, etc. OpenVPN configs work fine as before.

Are you in China? Wireguard is easy to be blocked by the Firewall.

Hi alzhao,

Thanks for the reply.

No, but I found the issue in my case… It was that I had generated a new WireGuard config for another country. I didn’t know that, but it seems that when you generate a new config (in VPN Unlimited at least) the previous one will not work anymore. You can only generate one at a time for each device slot of your account.

So, anyway, it was a VPN issue and not the router’s.

Hope this helps someone in my situation! It took me quite a while until I randomly thought about that and confirmed it. Even the VPN’s customer service agent haven’t told me that.

Yes the slot system in Keep Solid/Unlimited takes a bit of getting used to :slight_smile:

You are correct. Most vpn service providers has limitations. e.g. Mullvad allows for 5 profiles. You cannot create more than 5.