Cannot get new GL-AXT1800 to work: no SSIDs

I just unboxed my new GL-AXT1800 and powered it up, but the light is always flashing blue and the router is not broadcasting any SSIDs. I have tried reseting the router by (1) pressing the Reset button for 3 seconds, and (2) pressing the Reset button for 10 seconds until the router flashes blue rapidly. The router light never turned solid white and I cannot use it.

Please help! Might this be a hardware defect?

Thank you in advance.

When resetting, how long are you waiting for the flashing blue to stop? You should wait at least 15 minutes.

It may also be a bad power adapter. If you have another 2.5A-3A+ power adapter, then try using that.

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15 minutes?! Well, I just left it on the whole time, so more than that, I suppose.

To be sure, the instruction is to simply connect the power and wait for the light to become solid white, without making any settings? I have to wait for the solid white light to be able to connect to to set the router up, is that right?

Thank you, again.

Yes, it can be successful according to the instructions in the user manual. You can also set the router by login in when the blue light is flashing.please log in to the router home page to show us the WAN connection status?

First initial setup needs to be done either with a wired connection or with the app.

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I got the router set up, in a roundabout way that I can’t exactly remember now. I managed to connect to and set it up as a repeater. I think that the instructions in the user manual is unclear or perhaps even inaccurate? There was no way that just by plugging in the power and waiting, or resetting, that the LED would turn solid white. It was always flashing blue until I was able to set it up and get it working.

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Thank you, I did download the app onto my iPhone and also got it working there. Do you think there’s any security issue using their Cloud service to log on to the router from a distance? As I mentioned in my reply to Dipin, I think that the instructions are erroneous, or the device does not ALWAYS act the way the instructions say it would.

The Cloud service should be pretty secure it is using wiregaurd protocol from what I remember. If you have don’t use VPN for GL services it does show your real IP address.

The router setup is actually quite simple, if you use the most common way.

  1. Connect Internet cable to the WAN port
  2. Connect power to the router and wait
  3. When the LED is solid white, it is working. You can just connect to its SSID and use.

But if you want to connect as repeater, it is more complicated but seems you have got it done.

Router light will remain blue until an Internet connection is established and then it will turn solid white. At any point in time the light is NOT white it means there is no Internet connection detected.

First time setup can take longer. Just keep detecting wifi signals and it will eventually appear. It takes a while because there is no DNS from an Internet connection so it has to set up the routing table itself. Once you have an Internet connection accessing the router will be immediate. What I found helps with this is installing the upnp plugin, enable it and leave it alone. The plugin is the 'luci upnp app", it’s the only one with “app” in the name for upnp.

If you aren’t familiar with gl.inet routers you might want to hold back on messing with settings beyond what you’re normally familiar with. I managed to brick a slate in a matter of minutes. Just get it running and leave it alone or at least read up on them before you break it.

If at any point you notice bad behaviour it is best to reset the device to factory, minimal setup and leave it be while it works.

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