Cannot Get to Modem Through Router

Hello everyone.

I bought GL-AX1800 Flint router few days ago. Before I was using Netgear Nighthawk RAX45 router. And I have Netgear CM1100 cable modem.

Modem has IP of Netgear router had IP of Flint had IP from the factory
set to, but I changed it to (as Netgear router was).

When I had Netgear router I was able to log into my Netgear modem with my PC connected to router. But with Flint I cannot get to the modem at all. I get the message: “This site can’t be reached”

Am I missing something with Flint router setup?

Besides this issue everything working good.

Can you change netgear IP 192.168.1. 2?

Nah. That’s not needed and not recommended.

@AgentSmith007 Can you ping
Do you use VPN? If that’s the case, you have to enable WAN routing in the global VPN options:

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I don’t think I can change IP in the cable modem.
When I ping modem I get “Request timed out”.
No, I don’t use VPN.

Let’s split it up.

You have

  • GL Net,
  • Moden Net, (maybe a other subnet)

All clients in can access as gateway. The Flint WAN port is a client in the Modem Net.
All devices will connect to the Flint LAN Port or WLAN. As router, the Flint will forward all requests outside his net to the gateway.

At first check your client. Open a terminal or command line and type route -n for Windows or ip -r for a recent Linux.

There should be a default route, that points to (Flint). There should be no route for 192.168.100.x (Modem Net).

Than take a look at the Flint. At the start page (Internet?) should be the connection ‘Ethernet’ and there is a IP. This should be an IP 192.168.100.x (X is anything but 0 [net], 1 [modem] or 255 [broadcast]).

All clients from Flint should see all devices in Modem Net without further configuration.

As FYI, here’s some more detail on what’s happening:

TL/DR, modem doesn’t play nice with configuring a subnet on the router (netmask of

Just ran into the same problem and narrowed down to a netmask of to scope the range of IPs for the router to: to

That leaves squarely outside what the router is managing.

Of course it does not.
The mask is waaaay to wide. Normal would be /24 - the one you posted is /16

/24 → → to
/16 → → to

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