Cannot reach hilink modem after 4.x upgrade

I can no longer access the web admin of my hilink modem after upgrading to firmware 4.37 R1. Is there a particular firewall rule required? The previous settings were discarded by the upgrade and I don’t remember.

If you discarded the old settings then the router should respond as it would out of the box. 192.168.x.x

I am not talking about the router admin which I can access just fine. I want to reach the admin page of the usb 4G modem connected to the router. It is a Huawei modem with hilink so it simulates an ethernet connection over usb.

Is the Huawei HiLink using the IP subnet of 192.168.8.x by default? If so, then you have to change the GL.iNet router using the LAN IP subnet of 192.168.8.x by default, after resetting.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

The modem uses which is the same as what the GL routers use by default. Because this creates a conflict, I had previously changed the GL router’s LAN IP to another subnet and gave it the first IP in that subnet ( I was still able to access the modem admin page at this way. Now that I upgraded to the v4.x firmware (and changed the GL subnet to from the default), I can no longer access

Does the 4.x firmware require the two devices to be on the same subnet? If so, should I set the router IP to The modem firmware does not support changing IPs.

Sorry, my explanation may not have been clear. I meant that the IP subnets of the WAN and the LAN must be different, which you have done so by setting the GL.iNet router LAN IP subnet to (from the default Hence, it “should” be working without any firewall rule.

Does the GL.iNet router Admin Panel → Internet show that the Huawei HiLink is properly detected/connected via Tethering (i.e., in Green)?

The modem LED is signaling that it is connected and the internet connection is available on WiFi, only the admin interface of the router cannot be reached.

Please take a screenshot of your router’s WAN internet which maybe some help to find out the reason. Just like below.

Do you have vpn on the router?

yes, in WG-client mode.

I can do it later this week.

I was mistaken, there is no VPN active, but the modem admin page is anyway not available.

The hi-link modem is recognized as tethering in the 4.x firmware. I am not sure if that is the same as what it was in 3.x.