Cannot upggrade firmware

Hi there
Cannot upgrade firmware from 3.211 to 3.217 on my Mudi.
From glinet it takes 100% of upgrading thing but nothing really upgrades… from browser connection by pressing on Download it gets to 0% and after that just skips back to Donload.
Please help

If possible, could you try with a different internet connection?

You can have a try with the firmware local update in web Admin Panel.

First,Download the firmware to you computer,The download website is below:

Second,You can update the firmware according to the tutorias as below,chose local update.

  • Is your GL device IP anything other than
  • Try upgrading using Incognito or Private Mode as browser caching can sometimes cause strange little glitches.

Yes, the default IP of GL-inet router is
Try upgrading using Incognito or Private Mode is recomended.

Hi there. How do you mean in incognito mode?… the router VPN is set to OpenVPN type with my VPN provider ExpressVPN. Will try now to switch VPN off and get the upgrade this way.

No… no luck… did disconnect VPN, switched off internet kill switch… rebooted the router … still cannot download the file… have to do it localy… so inconvenient to do that this way when online possibility is there… :frowning:

Did it locally… thanks guys!