Cannot use services on the same host as OpenVPN server

When I turn on the OpenVPN client of my GL.iNet M300 Mini Smart Router to use my own OpenVPN instance at home, I don’t seem to have access to other services on the same IP/host from connected devices. I turned on Access Local Network and turned off DNS Rebinding Attack Protection in case that was the problem, but it didn’t help.

When use the OpenVPN client on my phone and turn it off in the Mini Router, I don’t have this problem.

Do you want to access the devices on the same network as the server? i.e. your home?

This should be the default behavior as I know.

But if you want to access from the server side to the client, you need to set up port forward.

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When I was previously testing this at home, I could solve this by adding the local ip adresses of the services I need to the VPN policy exclusions. However, now that I’m away from home, this no longer seems tot work.

The VPN profile loaded onto the GL.iNet uses my pi-hole as DNS, which it does seem to do, so I’m a bit stumped here.