Canon MF642C can't connect after restart

A little more detail. I am connecting my MT3000 (V4.2.2 release 5) to the printer. When I start the printer, the printer shows that it’s connected to the network, but the router doesn’t and I cannot access the management pages from my laptop.

If I go to the printer control panel, I can reconnect to the wifi network and the connection proceeds normally. It continues to work until I restart the printer again, when I need to go through the same procedure.

Is there some setting that I can change to force the printer to connect. Is there a log recording why it’s not connecting?

Do you connect the printer to MT3000’s WiFi?

I have a printer that always having problem connecting to wifi when in power saving mode. I have to reboot the printer so that it is connected to the wifi.

Seems your case is just the reverse? Maybe reset the printer’s network settings and check.

Also need to check what is the wifi chanel you are using. Some wifi channels are not good, e.g. channel 3. Always use channel 1, 6 11.