Can't access Opal admin portal in Extender Mode (bug?)


I am running an GL-SFT1200 Opal in repeater mode, on firmware version 4.3.7 (dated 2023-12-22).

Before I clicked the button to actually enter repeater mode, there was a prompt saying that I will still be able to access the Opal’s admin portal by typing the IP address assigned to it by the main router. I don’t seem to be able to do this - Firefox just says the connection timed out after a while.

But besides this, the Opal continues to function correctly in Extender Mode, providing my PC (connected to it via Ethernet cable) with internet connection & access to the main router’s admin portal, just not it’s own.

I checked its IP on the main router’s admin portal the first time ( and tried to visit it - timed out. I then reserved a static IP for it (, rebooted both it & the main router, and confirmed that it adopted the new IP on the main router’s admin page, then tried going to it - still timed out. I cannot be attempting to visit the wrong IP since the Opal provides its device name which is visible on the main router’s admin portal.

Did I just find a bug in the firmware?

I don’t actually need to use the Opal’s admin portal - just wanted to learn what I’m missing, or report this if it’s a bug.

Same problem. My concern is the only hints I can find seem to indicate the only way to get out of this mode (ie when I travel to a different location, or move to a different coffee shop) is to reset the router, wiping out all my other setup. That really can’t be the answer, can it?

Afaik you can access the routers interface again if you set your PC to static IP 192.168.8.x and access

Thank you. Will try that at my next opportunity.

That works! Thank you. Is this material covered in the main user guides somewhere? I wasn’t able to locate it. If it’s not there, it would be really helpful if it was.

When changing to repeater mode it should be shown.

^I think it didn’t work for me bc I didn’t do this part, I guess that’s what I was missing.

Although if this is the case then Repeater Mode likely yields none/less performance benefit than I thought since the device does not actually turn off layer 3 functions.

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