Can't add PIA VPN to WIREGARD on AXT1800 with 4.5 firmware

Can’t add PIA VPN to WIREGARD on AXT1800 with 4.5 firmware.
The new 4.5 does not show PIA as an option.
There is only manual installation

Afaik the ended the partnership and you have to manually import the config now. Shouldn’t be an issue?

Thank you,
Now the trick is to find the data to import.

Anyone setup NORD on WIREGARD?

Wait, are we talking about the VPN provider PIA or is the whole VPN setting missing from your device?

Private Internet Access, I can add the “canned” VPNs, but I am trying to find the PIA credentials to add manually.

PIA is doing weird stuff. They don’t offer wireguard configs.
Maybe some way around it: GitHub - hsand/pia-wg: A WireGuard configuration utility for Private Internet Access

I would change my provider to a good one, like