Can't Add Shared Folder

With my Brume 2, I’m trying to add an external SSD full of movies as a shared folder. I have connected the SSD via usb cable, activated Samba, and am trying to add the root folder as a Shared Folder.

However as you can see in the screenshot there is nothing to click on and the panel is blank. Anyone know the solution to this? Thanks

What file system do you use on the SSD?

you mean NTFS? i think it says in the screenshot

also it’s strange it says 488 mb free but it’s more like 183 gb free. strange

Maybe wrong partition chosen?

how do you choose partition?

I am following this guide as best I can: Network Storage - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 (

also, is there a ssd size limit? i tried with a 500gb drive and it worked