Can't authenticate against "Remote access web Admin Panel"

I can login via GoodCloud, no problem. But once I want to login via “Visit your device via web admin panel” it takes me to … but my password is not accepted. I’m away fro the respective network. Do I miss something here?

This is a reminder if the device network can’t reach it.

Hey, what do you mean, I don’t understand? And, what can I do to make it work. Thanks

What is the model of your device? And what firmware version are your devcie using?

  • Model: AR300M16
  • Firmware: 3.216

I should also add that I’m running this router on a modem which already has another router connected to it. Maybe this interferes somehow.

This password is the administrator password on your device, not the GoodCloud account’s.

thanks. I completely overlooked that.