Can't change region to EU on goodcloud

Hi guys,
I’m having issue with
Even on it shows me USA region and there is no button to change it.

An account is now limited to using only one region’s data servers.
Your devices in other regions should have been transferred to the us region.

But they didn’t. I got lost access to the device which is at home right now and registered to the EU data servers. How to change account to EU servers? Or is there any other way to restore access?

Now the question is whether the device’s binding information is not migrated or just not available online?
In other words, can you see your devices in the us region? Even if they are shown as offline.

You are currently out and about are you not? If you can see your devices offline under your account, the easiest way is to reboot them.
If you can’t reboot it, send your account information to and we’ll verify it and kick your device offline. After that, it should be able to reconnect to no US region.

If you must switch regions, please delete all devices under your account and send your account information to Then add your devices again.