Can't connect MV1000 from wired master router

Loving my MV 1000 Brume / I have it set up as a wireguard server, sitting behind my (master) ISP router - I’m able to access all of my network peripherals from outside - everything is (almost) perfect.

Question/Problem - surely I’m doing something silly - when connected to the “master” ISP router inside my home, or even connected to the MV1000 via Wireguard, I can see everything EXCEPT the MV1000 itself - - it’s almost never a problem, unless I have to reconfigure the WG clients, reboot, check logs, etc… What am I doing wrong?

The only way I can access the WM1000 is by hard wiring into it - even if I’m inside, connected to the “master” ISP router, I can not connect. I can get a PING - - but no connection can be made - - - is there something in Lucy I don’t have installed??

Driving me nutzo…
Thanks for reading/help.


You have to access it by ip of tunnel. If your tunnel subnet is then your brume ip is

Thanks a ton… Here’s what I find:

In my case, WG Server MUST be active.
I MUST be connected by a WG Client - even on my own network.
Yes, you are totally right - I must use the Tunnel Subnet…

So, I guess I have a solution… I was just confused that I couldn’t access the Brume through the network, WITHOUT the WG Server running…

Thank you so much - I really appreciate it Antifascista

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Without the WireGuard server running, the firewall of GL-MV1000 blocks access from the WAN even on your own network.

To access the GL.iNet Admin Panel from your own network, you have to open the firewall:

I prefer to Port Forward WAN TCP Port 80 to LAN IP (or whatever you have set up) TCP Port 80. You can also just Open Port TCP 80.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Excellent answer! I had totally forgotten… I’m kind of a “set it and forget it” type, so I haven’t looked at my set up in a few years - - but this sure rings a bell - - thanks so much for your thorough answer with documentation link to boot…!