Can't connect via Wireguard after upgrade to 4.5 (GL-AXT1800 Slate AX)

Today I upgraded my GL-AXT1800 Slate AX to 4.5.0 release8.

Now Wireguard clients cannot connect.

I’m also concerned that WiFi clients may not be able to connect.

Fortunately I am able to connect via GoodCloud, so at least I can get to it.

I’m way out of my comfort zone with fixing this and I’m concerned that my friends who are hosting my VPN for me may not have internet now.

Thanks for any help!!

Do you mean that the AXT1800 Slate ax is the wiregaurd server and after upgrade, you cannot connect to it, e.g. using wireguard on your smartphone?

I’d suggest you to check if the WAN IP of AXT1800 has changed and your port forward on your main router is not working correct.

Thank you. Yes, that’s correct: the AXT1800 Slate AX is the wiregaurd server and after upgrade, I cannot connect to it, e.g. using wireguard on your smartphone?

I’m not sure how to tell if the WAN IP changed. The modem that it’s connected to doesn’t have a way to connect to it to see settings.

From the Slate AX, here is the Ethernet info from the Internet tab:

Protocol: DHCP
IP Address:
DNS Server:

and, from the Network tab:

the LAN Router IP Address is:

Network Mode is: Router


Are you able to check the port forward on the main router?

Most likely it is this IP changed

If you remember the old IP address, maybe you can just chang to Static and use that IP address.

Thank you. I’m not physical near the modem. Is there a way to change some settings in the Slate to allow me to access the modem?

From goodcloud you can ssh to the Slate AX, then ssh to your modem. But I understand most modems do not provide ssh config tools.

If you have Astrorelay account, you can install astrorelay client on the router, then relay your wireguard server.
Then you can connect to the wireguard server.
After you connect the wireguard server, you can access your modem UI.

Thank you. I will try it. I think the problem may be a new modem was installed that does not work well with it.