Can't connect with Mac

I have been using a gl.inet Slate Ax pocket router for a few weeks now. I have nord vpn set up on the router. I have been using it without issue for weeks with my windows PC and my android phone. However, when I try to connect to the router with my MacBook pro, it doesn’t connect and instead just keeps acting as if the password is incorrect. This even happens when I disable the vpn. I have checked numerous times and the password is entered the same as it is on all devices, so that’s not the issue. For some reason it just doesn’t let the MacBook connect. Anyone have any ideas why this might be?

What model of MacBook and what version of OSX do you use? Maybe the MacBook isn’t compatible to the selected Wi-Fi standards.

Which channel and encryption are you using?
Do you mean 2.4G or 5G that the mac cannot connect?
Have you changed the wifi password?
In your mac, can you forget the saved wifi network and join again?

An typical issue is that you used WPA3 but changed password, you cannot connect before you forget the saved wifi network.