Can't create OpenVPN Server Configuration File on AR750

I have the AR750 running 3.003. When I try to generate a configuration file for the OpenVPN server I get the following error, “Error. Time Out!”. I am running the built-in Wireguard server. Is the device not able to handle both at the same time? I tried on 3.002 with the same result.

It can run both of WireGuard and OpenVPN server. Do you try the latest one(3.003-0926)?

Yes, i am running the most recent beta.

Like I said, at the end of the configuration generation it returns a “Error. Time Out!” in orange at the top of the page.

Seems it is a bug, will check it.

I just downloaded the firmware and tried myself.

I can generate the config file without problem (both openvpn and wireguard).

Did you reserved old settings which break the script? Can you try again? Maybe reset the firmware first to make sure it is clean.