Cant dial call with x750v2 ATD1234567890;

I wonder why i cant make a call. Any ideas?

I would say the Number 1234567890 is not available.

Else it would be helpful to know:

  • what device you are using?
  • what interface you are using?
  • what did you enter?
  • what is the output?

Some SIM Cards don’t allow phonecalls, they called datacards.

First: check if calls are supported by ATD=? … Maybe right after AT will respond with an OK at the console.
Second: try ATI, there should be a response, if the card is activated for data connections.

Found this here in the forum Calls over X750?, i am using EP06-E modem.
I am on vodafone and i use a existing phone number, and get a OK response, a little quick for my taste. Sometimes i loose 3/4G connection afterwards.
Could be a driver issue?

EDIT: Link

these papers suggest it should be able to make a call:

And its a simcard for phonecalls.

So when i follow your suggestions ATD=? gives an error, according to the pdf its not a correct at comand anyway, when i enter ATD"PHONENUMBER"; it is giving me an ok.

ATI is just giving my a product number etc. as explained in the datasheet, your suggestions are not helpful and seam to be missleading.