Cant find official info on what is "guest network"!

hi, i am experienced but still wish to read official config of guest network, from brumew or opal or mango.

funny i cant find.

and somehow my phone on LAN can see the smart plug on guest, so i wanna know the detail thanks.

ps googled, dont found, at least thru google.

I don’t understand what config you need to see.
The basic config for guest Wi-Fi are in the Wireless page, and the DHCP config for the guest network is in the LAN page. If you need more advance config, you can find it in LuCI.

Or do you want to know the performance parameters of the guest network? For example, speed, maximum number of clients?

i want info about security!

  1. Can devices on guest wifi “see”/connect to devices on regular LAN?
  2. How about the opposite? (vice versa)

the untrusted device is a chinese NAS or a chinese smart plug, connected to guest wifi, thanks

A. it seems that device on regular LAN can “see” each other, how about among devices on guest wifi?


The guest and lan zones are not accessible to each other. you can view and modify the rules in LuCI (Network → Firewall).

They can, and devices in the same area can see each other.