Can't find the VPN Option.

I bought this modem from Shenzhen, China, to use with VPN, but now I can't find the option anywhere.

I am afraid that there is no way official way to add VPN to a Chinese device, see:

There are some scripts online which might help you anyway. Feel free to do a Google search about it.

I'm based in India, So when I reach there - Can I use the device with VPN?

I am afraid that within this forum it's not possible to help because of laws and no one wants to put GL.iNet in an unpleasant situation here.

Speaking generally: It is totally possible to use VPN on a device with the "CN" firmware.
You can use VPN without the GUI if you like. So going luci or SSH for example.

Try to flash it using uboot method with an international firmware and see if it works.

Won't work - I can say for sure.

The difference is not inside the firmware itself. :wink:

Then as you suggested he can use the command line to do it.

Or Google: version switching for Chinese version router to global with vpn support.

I have heard many users have done it.

Thanks, @admon @SpitzAX3000; I understand about the law and regulations. I will check another resource.

@admon, does the CN version have any other differences from the international version in hardware and performance or features other than VPN?

I am not really aware of differences - besides VPN and AdGuard Home.
But since I never checked the firmware in detail there might be even backdoors; can't tell.

So hardware is the same.

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Do we have any other alternative open-source software that I can run on the machine?

Not by default. You can install whatever you like, but it won't be integrated into the GL GUI.

Yes you can run a plain openwrt.

I also sent you a private message check it out!

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