Can't install wpad-mesh-openssl on MT6000

can not install tmesh support wpad-mesh-openssl

The package wpad-mesh-openssl does not exist in the repo the MT6000 uses.
(At least not on my firmware 4.5.5)

So, how to setup openwrt mesh with the MT6000 and other openwrt router ?

You can’t.

At least not with the GL firmware. Maybe with plain OpenWrt.
I mean, ofc, you could grab some packages from the OpenWrt repo itself … but this is behind of scope here, I would say.

This what get when install the wpad-mesh-openssl …

Executing package manager

Installing wpad-mesh-openssl (2023-09-08-e5ccbfc6-3) to root…


Not downgrading package hostapd-common on root from 2023-09-08-e5ccbfc6-4 to 2023-09-08-e5ccbfc6-3.


Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package wpad-mesh-openssl.

The opkg install command failed with code 255.

Flint 2 does not support mesh. You could use access point or WiFi extented.

It does support mesh, but you need to use a wired backhaul because the Flint 2 isn’t a tri-band router.

You can technically create a wireless mesh network, but you’d be sacrificing either your 2.4GHz band or your 5GHz band. And with the state of 2.4GHz on the Flint 2 it’d currently be a horrible idea.

Anyway, here’s two videos. One guides you through setting up a mesh network and the other shows you how to enable fast roaming.

You don’t sacrifice a band it just shares it along with backhaul. Clients can connect to the same band. If we’re talking about performance that’s another story ofcourse.

Those videos are really bad though. Try actually doing it and come back when after a couple hours the mesh nodes get lost since he didn’t at a minimum set up mesh11sd parameters.

Set up batman-adv.

When did you try using mesh on a dual band router without batman? I’m asking because I’ve tested this common mesh setup via a different router in the past and it refused to connect to the mesh network while also allowing clients to connect on the same band.

Admittedly, when I tested mesh in mid 2020 I was using an older version of OpenWrt and the identical routers were low end when compared to the Flint 2, so maybe something’s changed since then.

My setup was actually much like what’s shown in that first video and I don’t recall installing mesh11sd and setting any parameters? For me it all “just worked” and after looking at the OpenWrt forum it seems like it’s not essential unless you’re experiencing issues.

The second video seems perfectly fine to me, since it’s not even covering mesh. It’s showing you how to setup access points with fast roaming, which is going to perform far better than mesh on a dual band router anyway.

But then definitely don’t install mesh11sd.

Not sure what the actual problem is.
I’m running a mesh network from the MT6000 with 2 additional APs.
As a first step, I have installed the full wpad-openssl package (from the official GL.iNet repo) onto the Flint 2. Admittedly, the mesh11sd package is not available, though.
Anyway, my mesh seems to work like a charm. Maybe I should mention that the MT6000 is running on the 4.5.5 stable release (2024-01-05 10:09:25 (UTC+00:00))
For APs I’m using Z…l WSM20 routers running on OpenWrt and converted to “dumb access points”. On these two, I have installed the mesh11sd package. Can’t say, though, if this was strictly necessary.