Can't login to AR300M admin page, but luci works

I installed the new testing firmware 3.0.22, logged in and configured wireguard client. Everything works well, but I can’t login to the admin page now. The login page loads but when I type the password it doesn’t do anything. Even if I type the wrong password there is no error message.
Luci works and I can log in without any problem.

While if it is not a browser problem (you can try another browser) you are suggested to reset the router by pressing and hold the reset button for 10 seconds then start over.

It is not a browser problem. I tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
I have to reset every day, as the problem is still there.

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Strange. Do you know how to use developers tools for browser? The short cut is F12.

You will find console and there is error message. Pls send the error message.

Do you have antivirus like Bitdefender? It could cause problems of the web page as well.

If not resolves I’d like to have a teamviewer remote check.

I don’t have this problem with firmware 3.019. It only happened on the testing firmware.
So unfortunately I can’t test it anymore because I downgraded to the stable firmware.
But here is something that might help you:
The admin page didn’t fully load. It was like “AR-“ and the “300M” part didn’t load.

Same problem here. I am considering retiring the mini router.