Can't ping LAN devices when connected to VPN?

I got a Puli (XE300) device to connect to an isolated remote network. The goal is to be able to connect to that network as if I’m plugged in as a client to the switch. I’ve setup Wireguard and 4G AT&T access to the Puli and can succesfully connect as a client to the Wireguard server. However, when I connect, I’m unable to ping anything on the LAN. Not the LAN of the Puli, not any of the other devices on the LAN. Checking or unckecking the allow access local network option does not appear to make any difference.

IPTABLES show packets entering through the 4G connection, but none are showing on the any of the wireguard rules.

Did you make sure you tick the “allow access local network” in Puli? I do see forwarding rules but I want to make sure.

If you did you should be able to ping If you want to ping to 10.10.10.x you should do port forward on Puli.

BTW, Astrorelay is designed exactly for your scenario.

Yes, it is selected.

I’m a bit confused here. So if there are 10x clients, what do I forward to where?

When doing port forward, you have to specify port and IP.

Maybe you can just consider our S2S solution.