Can't register using chrome?


GL-Inet support prompted me to use Firefox to register for these forums, since it wasn’t working with chrome. That worked fine and I have continued from the email verification with chrome w/o any problem (so far).

As a web developer, I wonder, though, what could have been causing that problem. Any ideas?


I am not sure why. Seems it is a plug-in problem. I have the same problem in my chrome. But I don’t have problem in another chrome.

Do you have antivirus plugin installed? I do have. I will disable it and test.

I don’t have an antivirus plugin.

I would try incognito mode, but I already have registered so it is difficult now.

If you have Gmail, for example your gmail is, then you can use or to sign up a new account to test.
I has just sign up on my chrome, it work.
If any guys have same problems, please disable some chrome extensions or use incognito mode.

Hrm, yes…I was concerned more about creating useless accounts on the forum, and also polluting my password manager; but I guess it’ll not add accounts if I don’t confirm them (not that I need to add a valid email in the first place, just for testing, since the problem occurs before that), and I can just be careful to avoid adding the username/password (or remember to remove it later).

Anyway, I don’t have any extensions like that, but I do have some extensions - and I don’t really want to try to disable them one-by-one to see which one is causing a problem.

I did try in incognito mode, and it worked fine there, so I can only assume it is one of my extensions. I also tried it in ‘guest mode’, and it also worked. Perhaps I’ll try disabling them one-by-one, just because I’m curious.

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