Can't resolve local dns when connected with wireguard client


I bougth a GL-A1300 Slate Plus, I’ve configured the wireguard client to connect to my UDM SE wireguard server.
I have access to the local network using the IP’s, but not using the DNS.
in the configuration of the wireguard I have the DNS server correct, because if I connect my Smartphone directly to the wireguard server, I can use the DNS of my local network.

what should I change in the GL to be able to use the local DNS?
I tried with AD guard on and OFF but I want to use Ad guard on the GL.

thank you in advance, for your help

really struggling with this

I’m having the exact same issue. I have another glinet travel router that works perfectly so this seems to be a bug in this model (which is suprising since it is quite old)

Indeed and I can’t find a solution…

It started not allowing any DNS access even with the VPN not connected so I reset my slate back to factory settings after updating the firmware and started again and it is now working.

Where can I find the last firmware for slate?

I got it from within the interface. It downloaded and updated from there