Can't reverse proxy the AdGuard Home dashboard


I just got the GL-MT6000 and AdGuard Home works on it.

Formerly, I was using another router and a separate server hosting AdGuard Home and reverse proxying both.

Now, I’m using the GL-MT6000 and AdGuard Home directly on it, which works, but I’m only able to reverse proxy the router dashboard.

When trying to reverse proxy the router’s AdGuard Home dashboard, I get redirected to the router dashboard’s local URL.

What to do ?


Why do you need to reverse proxy the dashboard?

I remember that somewhere in the forums, there was a way to disable the AdGuard Home login redirection. But I wasn’t able to find it.

Here is the patch that enabled it: GL-Inet integration · Issue #1853 · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub

In case someone has Internet issues while I’m not at home.

You could enable GoodCloud which will act as a reverse proxy without any additional configuration.
I am not quite sure if you can access AdGuard via it - but it’s worth a try.

Even if this would work, I don’t want to depend on a third-party service. :sweat_smile:


In that case you need to find the thread I mentioned before or you have to adjust the settings according to the patch I linked above.

I'm looking at achieving this, did you manage to get anywhere?

I'd like to reverse proxy the adguard dashboard without a vpn or wireguard access