Can't Setup Velica in Repeater Mode

I’m trying to setup a new Velica in repeater mode, connecting to an existing wifi network. Repeater mode is disabled in the web admin console with the message that the mesh network must be shut off first but that doesn’t seem possible. There’s no option to shut it off outright, and if I try to shut off both wifi networks in the mobile app it won’t let me, saying at least one needs to be on. There’s no option to setup repeater mode in the mobile app, and it forces setting up the mesh network on a new router.

How can I get this device to connect to an existing wifi network as a repeater?

Hi orange:
You could restore the factory first.Then init via web(

Is there a hidden SSID I can connect to on a factory reset device? That’s what I’ve done with other routers in the past but no default network appears when I reset the Velica. I was excited about this product but so far this onboarding process has been a disappointment.

I‘m very sorry for the problem you had.The Velica redefined the intialization of WiFi:

1,WiFi is turned off by default,and will only be turned on during the first initialization;
2,The Velica encourages users to use MESH,So if you initialize it via app,it will be in the MESH by default so that it can’t use repepter;
3,If you want to use repeater,you need to link the wire to initialize wifi via the Web.

And We will consider a modification to the inconveninence caused by this usage.