Can't turn off VPN on GL-AR750S


I set up an OpenVPN (NordVPN), started a connection to a server, did connect to the server without the colour turned Green (see screenshot), and now for some reason, there’s no option to turn off the VPN after it’s switched on. Rebooted the router with no luck.

The GLinet app hasn’t worked for me since the update. I can log in into my user account (cloud/Europe), but can’t add my router. Keeps kicking me back to ‘Set up a new device’.

Sorry, didn’t allow

me to add sec. screenshot.

Pls, can anyone help me with disconnecting the VPN without needing to reset the router? As the screens show, the admin page doesn’t give me the ability to disconnect VPN.

Can you send me the configuration and log information of your VPN via message?