Captcha issues

@Leo @alzhao

Not working!

It shows “Captcha verification failed, try again!” even after verification!

Also “This site is exceeding reCAPTCHA quota.” appears.

Maybe you can switch to hCAPTCHA? It is free and easy to switch. And it is less privacy intrusive

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@alzhao i confirm issues

Yeah. Still not fixed :rage:

@admins @moderators @Bruce

Still an issue! Can somebody take a look?

Sorry, now I forward this problem to relevant colleagues for processing

Sorry. GL relevant personnel are urgently resolving this issue.

In my case it is not opening at all:

@Bruce and @ywp nothing changed

I tested it, and it's fine
Can you check the network?
Or a different browser?

Do you use vpn? Or blocked google?/

Not helped.

Only VPN helps, but this is no-go

In that case Google blocked you or your DNS blocks Google.

Works fine from my side here.

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So… Any fixes? I cannot set up VPN on all devices. It is inconvenient and I must pay for more than 5 devices.

Check on your side then, there must be a reason.

If Google blocked you, you can't do anything.

On all devices same…

Well, nobody can help you with that, then.

Google Captcha verification is mostly "anti-fraud" and will check WAAAAAY more than just "Is the captcha answer correct" - so maybe some scripts, used DNS servers or even your IP is suspicious to them.

If someone cannot pass the Google Captcha verification, please contact us directly using the email on the contacts page.