Captive Portal Disconnect

I have registered my computer on a network using a captive portal. I cloned my MAC address from my computer to the 750s router (running 3.006…). After I reboot the router, the internet works fine. After a little bit (sometimes quick, sometimes a few hours) it will start showing the Captive Portal login page and I have to reclone my MAC address/ REBOOT to get the internet back.

***On the old firmware, I never had problems with having to login again. The router always worked without having to reclone the MAC Address.

Any suggestions??

Yes, I flipped off rebind

I don’t think this is a problem of the firmware.

Seems you captive portal requires auth every a (few) hours. So the portal will pop up.

So if you are not using vpn, not using dns via tls, disable dns rebind protection, the portal page will pop up when you are using the router as repeater. You just auth it without clone again.