Captive portal in hotel wifi and streaming - help needed

Hi all

I am wondering if the GL.iNet GL-MT300N will solve a problem I have. I am new to this so please excuse me if this is an obvious question.

I would like to use an Amazon Fire stick with Netflix on my hotel TV. My hotel wifi can be accessed without a password but has a captive portal login. I am able to log in on my phone and in fact I am also able to log in to the captive portal on the Fire stick directly. However the Fire Stick does not get an active Internet connection even after login, although my phone does.

I was wondering if I could use the GL to solve this problem, by connecting it to the hotel public wifi and rebroadcasting the signal. If I were to connect my phone and Fire stick to the GL’s rebroadcasted network, then log in to the captive portal on my phone, would the Fire stick also be able to use the Internet through the GL? Or does it not work that way?

Has anyone else successfully done something similar? Are there any disadvantages to this approach or any other way to accomplish getting the Fire Stick online using the hotel’s wifi?

Haven’t tried it but IMO yes it will work.
There’s a whole thread on here about connecting to a captive portal with the router too.

Captive portals can be a pain but I usually can get them to work. Once you do you can connect all your devices to the router and you’re good. Check around your room and see if there is an ethernet port as this will give you much better performance than WISP mode. Sometimes they are not active but often they still are (usually they are hidden under a desk or forgotten behind a dresser…).


I take a firestick with me when I travel and it works great. Sometimes the hotel network is way slow but it usually works.

@Glitch, tried searching for this thread but I couldn’t find it…could you give me a link if possible? Thanks.

This one: